So I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts from staying “on-plan” in terms of Weight Watchers.  Summertime is the season that I slip up the most due to family excursions, busy days and busier weekends, oh and ice cream.  So last week I decided it was time to drag myself back to the scale–not the bathroom scale–the Weight Watchers scale to see how much trouble I’ve actually gotten myself into.  Assuming the worst and thinking that they were going to pry my 25 lbs weight loss key chain from my extra chubby fingers, I did the walk of shame back to the scale. I told the new receptionist who happens to be a fabulously fabulous man that I had been on a summer long vacation and I didn’t wish to know how much weight I had gained–just print the sticker, shove it in my book and I’ll be on my way to secretly see how far I had fallen from grace.  He readily complied with my wishes.

Side Bar.  Why the heck are all the receptionists at WW touting their name tags that say “My name is ____ and I lost 25 lbs”.  Sometimes I think they are there to mock me!  25 damn pounds–I’ve lost that and still have a quite aways to go–ideally another 50 lbs.  So each week when they weigh me in I feel a little saddened that they get the great honor of being lifetime members and that since they had so little weight to lose that they somehow “cut the line” in terms of showing off their weight watchers self.  Does that make sense? No? Well it does to me!

I keep having to remind myself that despite my little slip up–only 5.2 lbs to be exact–that I’ve still lost a total of about 20 lbs.  That’s still an accomplishment to be proud of–and even though those skinny minis may not have had as much weight to lose it may have been just as hard a struggle for them to get that off as it will be for me to get these final pounds off.  I have to tell myself, “Self, check yourself before you wreck yourself”.

So here’s to getting up, dusting yourself off and starting back at it (since it’s not really starting over) for a healthier, happier me this fall.  Let me just finish these s’mores first!